Sunday, December 12, 2010

I ran into a man outside Primavera last night. He was not expecting me, I was not expecting him.
He had several bags with him and I told him he could stay. But he wouldn't respond to anything I said, and just walked away quickly, even leaving a bag behind. I wrote this this morning while at work. (Pardon my lack of poetry skills, but it's the best expression of my experience I think). There are just so many that fall between the cracks.

You once had a name.
And someone who loved,
brought you into this earth.
When did they decide you had no worth?

When did you decide not to respond?
To stay alone
On the stoop,
In the corners.

In the corners of our buildings
In the corners of our eyes.
Never in our eyes,
Our pupils,
our minds.

So then we can tell you,
Out the corners of our eyes,
That you have no name,
There’s no need to respond.

So you can remain
There in a corner.
On the stoop
You can stay

 Peace my friends.