Monday, September 12, 2011


A family- no matter the distance or the true relationship- is bound so intricately. This week I’ve watched daughter-in-law meet every need for her hospitalized mother-in-law. I’ve sat nearby as older brother cried with his little sister.  I’ve cried alone in what felt like a million miles away from daughter releasing mother to the care of her Creator. I’ve laughed with tears pushed back at non-sensical mumblings with family I know little about. But it is in times such as these when one incredible being brings together people of all walks of life. The love my Grandmother shared with all of these people is what has brought us into such shared moments. You begin to realize that the petty differences we’ve developed over the years only hold so much weight.  Because at the end of the day we’ll touch the same forehead, say the same prayers, and love the same woman that loved us all before we knew how. Just as our Creator first loved us. We forget we are all intricately bound to one another in the family called humanity- all because of love.

Prayers for my Grandmother as she keeps on keepin' on.