Thursday, January 3, 2013

In a quart

This Thanksgiving my friends and I gathered to eat a wonderful vegetarian meal. We began discussing very uplifting things such as wasting water, global warming, and trash. Someone referenced a story about Plastic-Filled Albatrosses (check out the link), and this really got me thinking about how much waste I produce and where it is going. So, out of these conversations and some more thinking I came up with a New Year's plan for myself. I will be putting all trash I accumulate over a week into a quart-sized zip-lock bag. That way, for one thing I can see what trash I use, and I can monitor, because I will only have limited space.

Thursday, Jan.3
I began on Tuesday,and this has been more challenging than expected! I've been researching what can be recycled much more frequently... did you know that you can't recycle Dixie cups? I have candy from Christmas that I wouldn't normally have.. Candy is wrapped in plastic and foil that can't be recycled, but I have the challenge of what to do with it... I put it in a bin on our kitchen table to share with my housemates. So, really I'm cheating a bit, but there trash isn't mine right? ;). Right now I have Q-tips, a band-aid wrapper(damn blister), a candy wrapper, and a receipt (you also can't recycle those). So, I'll check in again with a picture at the end of the week to report on how my project is going.

Just found this too:
recycle candy wrappers...

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