Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ricola wrappers and tissue stuffing...and a flaw.

You guessed it- week one of trash in a quart and I got a nasty cold... And, I learned something: sickness creates unwanted trash! Now my bag, at a week's end is stuffed with cough drop wrappers, Klenexes (which  I've learned perhaps can be composted), and medicine wrappers (also learned that medicine like alkaseltzer for cold doesn't even really work). I tried to accept the challenge with no tissues on day one of the cold by using an old sock (I don't have a hankie). That quickly became rather gross and so I gave into "America's leader in facial tissue softness"....
Overall, I was thinking my baggie for a week was going pretty well. Everything besides flushed toilet paper and work trash (due to health department requirements I can't exactly be eco-friendly... but we'll see what more can be done on that note at a later time) was fitting into my bag. Then today I realized there has been a flaw in my plans. ..
I live in a house with 9 other people so we share all of our food (or most of it at least). So, some of the trash that I would normally consider "mine" I was subconsciously considering my housemates'. So, I go to the kitchen and grab a few chips. I don't finish the bag so I don't need to deal with the trash. BUT- if I was doing this project in a house all to myself.... that would be my trash, right? OOPS! So, needless to say, I'm now going to be spending the afternoon in the kitchen. You can recycle the box that cereal comes in, but not the bag inside the box; same with crackers. Chip bags usually aren't recyclable. So, here's to granola and cracker making!
Here's a photo.. even though I cheated a bit.


  1. noooo not a cold! I hope you're feeling better. also, are you reusing the same ziplock bag each week? also also, are you doing this for a set number of weeks, or just into the foreseeable future? also also also, i am glad you are blogging about your adventure.

  2. Ali- yes I will use the same bag.. hopefully there won't be many holes. I don't know for how long. Forever? ;)

  3. Keep it up Meredith! I am supporting you on this...despite the lack of support from Karl and Ellison!!